Cosmetic Dentistry in Ajax, Ontario

How Cosmetic Dentistry Is Gaining Increasing Popularity In Ajax, Ontario

A small change can bring visible change in your smile, your appearance, your dental health and your overall well-being. Usually, dentistry deals with oral hygiene, disease diagnosis, prevention and prevention whereas the cosmetic dentistry concentrates on improving the appearance. It is usually used for solving different dental problems including chipped or crooked teeth, missing teeth or discoloration. At present, with the increasing Ajax population, a great number of new dental clinics are emerging different places in Ajax, Ontario. Although not all of them are efficient and offer affordable dental treatment, a few cosmetic dental clinics including North Harwood Dentistry have gained enough reputation and expertise in this field.

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Let’s have a look on different types of cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by North Harwood Dentistry in Ajax, Ontario and find out which one is most suitable to improve your appearance –

Dental Bonding

When your teeth are chipped, cracked, broken, stained or have unwanted spaces between them, you may opt for dental bonding where enamel-like composite resins are applied on tooth’s surface. Then they are left for molding into shape and hardened by an UV or laser light followed by polishing. Among different types of cosmetic dental procedures, it is the simplest form and also affordable dental treatment.

Dental Braces

Braces are used for correcting crooked and displaced teeth, jaw joint disorders, improving irregular bite or improper positioning of the jaw. The North Harwood Dentistry has expert dentists who position the braces by applying steady pressure in order to reposition the teeth in the right alignment.

Dental Crowns

In order to restore the size, shape, functionality and appearance of a damaged tooth, crowns are placed. Usually, the crowns are made of metal, ceramic, resin or porcelain type materials. Although considered as a costly procedure, the North Harwood Dentistry performs it as affordable dental service.


Denture is one of the popular cosmetic dental procedures that has been followed by a large number of people in Ajax, Ontario. These are the artificial missing teeth used for replacing the missing teeth. It also protects the surrounding tissues of those teeth. Usually, the North Harwood Dentistry offers two types of dentures including complete and partial dentures. When there are some natural teeth remain in the structure, partial dentures are used when complete dentures are used when no teeth remain in the row.


In order to replace the missing teeth, implants are used as a long-term solution. Since it is considered as one of the most costly treatments in cosmetic dentistry in Ajax, Ontario, a lot of people try to avoid it. However, once you opt for North Harwood Dentistry, this cosmetic treatment can be done in lower dental implant cost. Implants are titanium artificial tooth root replacements that are required to place in the bone sockets of that missing tooth. Compared to bridges and removable dentures, implants are considered as better option.

There are some good dental clinics including North Harwood Dentistry that offers efficient and safe cosmetic dental treatments within the affordable dental treatment price.


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