Cosmetic Dentistry in Ajax, Ontario

How Cosmetic Dentistry Is Gaining Increasing Popularity In Ajax, Ontario

A small change can bring visible change in your smile, your appearance, your dental health and your overall well-being. Usually, dentistry deals with oral hygiene, disease diagnosis, prevention and prevention whereas the cosmetic dentistry concentrates on improving the appearance. It is usually used for solving different dental problems including chipped or crooked teeth, missing teeth or discoloration. At present, with the increasing Ajax population, a great number of new dental clinics are emerging different places in Ajax, Ontario. Although not all of them are efficient and offer affordable dental treatment, a few cosmetic dental clinics including North Harwood Dentistry have gained enough reputation and expertise in this field.

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Let’s have a look on different types of cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by North Harwood Dentistry in Ajax, Ontario and find out which one is most suitable to improve your appearance –

Dental Bonding

When your teeth are chipped, cracked, broken, stained or have unwanted spaces between them, you may opt for dental bonding where enamel-like composite resins are applied on tooth’s surface. Then they are left for molding into shape and hardened by an UV or laser light followed by polishing. Among different types of cosmetic dental procedures, it is the simplest form and also affordable dental treatment.

Dental Braces

Braces are used for correcting crooked and displaced teeth, jaw joint disorders, improving irregular bite or improper positioning of the jaw. The North Harwood Dentistry has expert dentists who position the braces by applying steady pressure in order to reposition the teeth in the right alignment.

Dental Crowns

In order to restore the size, shape, functionality and appearance of a damaged tooth, crowns are placed. Usually, the crowns are made of metal, ceramic, resin or porcelain type materials. Although considered as a costly procedure, the North Harwood Dentistry performs it as affordable dental service.


Denture is one of the popular cosmetic dental procedures that has been followed by a large number of people in Ajax, Ontario. These are the artificial missing teeth used for replacing the missing teeth. It also protects the surrounding tissues of those teeth. Usually, the North Harwood Dentistry offers two types of dentures including complete and partial dentures. When there are some natural teeth remain in the structure, partial dentures are used when complete dentures are used when no teeth remain in the row.


In order to replace the missing teeth, implants are used as a long-term solution. Since it is considered as one of the most costly treatments in cosmetic dentistry in Ajax, Ontario, a lot of people try to avoid it. However, once you opt for North Harwood Dentistry, this cosmetic treatment can be done in lower dental implant cost. Implants are titanium artificial tooth root replacements that are required to place in the bone sockets of that missing tooth. Compared to bridges and removable dentures, implants are considered as better option.

There are some good dental clinics including North Harwood Dentistry that offers efficient and safe cosmetic dental treatments within the affordable dental treatment price.


Fantastic Fun in Ajax, Ontario

things-in-ajax-on-to-do-fairsGet the flavor of the city with Ajax fair

Through fairs and events, it is possible to know about the culture and heritage of the city in effective manner. Time with the loved ones can be enjoyed optimally in the process. Family day can be spent with the Ajax fair quite easily.

APL Science Fair

25th February, Saturday has been chosen for the Science Fair Competition that has been held annually for the last 3 years. Explorer within a person can be located. Experiments are put together for the viewers. Participation is expected from the students between third grade and eighth grade. By filling up forms, students can take part in this fair in Ajax, Ontario in Canada.

Three categories can be found in the fair. The competition level can be divided in primary, junior and intermediate grade. Three winners from each category are expected to get a medal. Project costs can be covered in addition to the display board. On the occasion, participants may be asked to write an article with title and description about the project. However, the article must be written within 500 words.

In case power is required for the project then it must be done in a portable manner. In this way, it can be connected to the power station quite naturally. Display must be done within 4 feet X 2 feet. Participants are only allowed to give the presentation.

Some rules and regulations for the participants can be noticed. Students living in the city are eligible to take a part in this Ajax fair only. They must be within the age of 15. Forms must be submitted within the deadlines. It can be done individually and also as a part of a school.

Participants can take part in groups also. However, it cannot be created with an excess of three students. In addition, students must come from the same grade. It is not possible to exhibit more than single thing at a time. Safety rules must be followed that has been scheduled from the side of Ajax Public Library. Parents must supervise the students at every given occasion.

Seniors’ Wellness Fair

On the month of November, Ajax fair is organized for the senior citizens. Importance is given to the issues of active living especially. Health of these people can be discussed on the occasion too.

During this fair, several contest, seminars and giveaways are arranged for the senior citizens. Lots of vendors can be found on the location. They usually sell items for the elderly people. Community centre on the Centennial Road has been chosen as the location for the fair.


During fall, Pumpkinville is arranged which is a family event. It is generally arranged at the Greenwood Conservation Area. Haunted house is showcased on the occasion in addition to pumpkin carving. Community can be brought together with this Ajax fair and festival. Lots of vibrant hues can be noticed from all over the place.

Importance is given on the fall theme mostly. Prize is given to the kids through a draw. Several dance shows are also arranged for entertainment on the occasion.

Denture Prices

dentures-for-those-who-need-themLet’s learn about denture price?

Dental problems plague most individuals in their lifetime. Some are lucky to get away with smaller ones and others need complete replacement. Without the teeth it is difficult to eat food that needs to be chewed. It may cause health and weight loss. When the teeth shows signs of decaying visit a dentist. If it can’t be helped, the dentist will suggest it’s removal.

Dental problems are not just tooth related. They may be related to the gum too. The tongue also contributes to a few causes of oral diseases.

When the tooth needs removal, it may be best to consider replacing it. Single tooth replacements are less costly while full replacements cost more naturally. The tooth or teeth can be replaced with dentures.

Having said that it is however best to teach children good oral habits early on so they can hold on to the precious 32 for as long as possible. Smile is an activity that we engage in as part of our life but sometimes this smile is restricted by the missing teeth or other oral affliction. Remedy the situation at the earliest and consult a dentist at the first sign of gum diseases.

Tooth however may go missing due to a physical injury too. Often kids lose teeth during a game and not just kids, even adults are liable to lose teeth during a game.

When teeth are removed it causes a hole in the gum and a vacant space that doesn’t look good. It affects the smile and confidence. The muscles around the mouth sag and people start looking older. Dentures are artificially made implements that serve to fill the space caused by a missing tooth.

Dentures are available in two varieties – partial and complete or full. The price varies. It varies not just because of the material but also whether they are partial or full. There is a wide variation in the price of dentures and they may range from $300-$5000. The price also varies based on whether it is a town or a city. There are also brands that are better known than others and hence have a price range that matches the aspirations of those living in metropolitan cities.

A dentist may recommend dentures that he stocks. So a patient might not be in total control of which dentures he would go for. The dentures are created in the laboratory after taking an impression from the patient.

It is not possible to first enquire about the denture price and then proceed with the consultation. Usually the dentist lists what he can do and based on that the patient decides. Denture prices may be covered under dental insurance. Consult the company first so you can decide whether you want to go for a high priced denture.

For a conventional denture the complete removal of teeth is important. The tissues must heal completely after which the dentures are placed and that may take months. Immediate dentures are inserted on the same day the teeth is removed.